Friday, February 15, 2008

Serious Time Displacement

This morning, Ray stopped in. He saw the 1000-piece puzzle we had started on my Project Table and got busy. The next thing I noticed, Dirk ambled over and also began fidgeting and fitting pieces. Finally, Bennie could no longer resist and joined in the jigsaw fun. This was all before school. If I had gone over to help, we would have been late. If you have time to kill, seconds to skewer, minutes to murder, hours to hack and saw at then, please, purchase a jigsaw puzzle and enter the Time-suck Zone. Honestly, I spent an hour and a half ~ an hour and a half ~ last night finding all the edge pieces and fitting them together with and without Dirk and/or Bennie. I could have carded and spun two baskets of Rambouillet. I could have started a new knit project ~ a highly involved one, with 30 color charts and bizarre stitching. An hour and a half's worth of painting would have made a serious dent in some creative time. Instead, I let myself get lost in the puzzle. What's worse is that I'm beginning to see puzzle pieces in my dreams.

There is an allure, a curiosity that would kill the cat only because you'd forget to feed it while looking for . . . Just. One. More. Piece. Yes, just one more and I'll start dinner. Just one more and I'll walk the dogs (annoying consequences with this option). Just one more and I'll meet the kids half way up the hill because I'm late getting to the bus stop. I'm not OCD, but the jigsaw will certainly send me into a downward spiral. It something I must finish. Laundry can pile up. There's no mystery about it. (Matchless socks don't count. We all know where the other sock went. The black hole.) A painting can incubate a bit longer on the easel, but if puzzle pieces start figuring into the work then I may need intervention. Puzzling.

And yet so satisfying when that one piece fits so neatly into place.

Before I got all involved in that, these got done:

My chairs feel pretty and Piwaqit likes them.

If I can keep myself away from the Puzzle ~ I mean ~ Project Table, I can get more of this done.

My studio is no longer safe.

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