Friday, February 01, 2008


Brighid's dolly came to me from Kentucky yesterday. She is a beautiful, groovy chick itching to paint and create. While she's pictured here on my Flame altar, it's most likely she'll be hanging out with me in the studio supervising brush strokes. I can finally burn the one I've held onto since Ruth moved to the Bluegrass State. (Not today though; the weather is positively gnarly.)

The dolly I made for Ruth is pictured here having reached her destination in one piece. We opened our packages over the phone, oohed and ahhed and then talked about everything under the sun which is what happens every time we get on the phone even if it's just for a quick query. Such a treat to participate in this swap ~ I'm eager to do it again next year.

And since the weather is utter crap, despite the stirrings of spring, I'm doing the second of four seat covers. I suspect the fourth cover will be purple as the cherry orange colored skeins are being devoured by this project quickly. No matter. I don't I care for matching things anyway.

A little magic whilst knitting never hurt . . .


wild-heart said...

It was heaven having all that time on the phone with you. I'm also really relieved that you like your dolly.

Your vast and impressive array of artistic skills intimidate me quite a bit, so I'm never sure if anything I send to you will be enjoyed or chuckled over.

wild-heart said...

By the way, do you want me to send you a larger copy of the image of your dolly? I downsized them for the egroup but would be happy to supply you with a larger version.