Thursday, January 10, 2008

Taking the Rambouillet by the Horns

I have reached a point where I'd like some instant gratification or at least as much instant gratification one will get scouring, carding and then spinning one's own wool. Drop spinning has been fun, but I'd like to get this Rambouillet off my project table. (Besides that, I have some Border Leicester winking at me from the corner of the studio. Need to move on.) In steps Millie. The batch in the basket represents the amount presently scoured and waiting to be carded for spinning.

This bunch here still needs to be scoured. Obiwan has been sleeping on it lately which has matted a few sections, but it's still manageable. It is quite a bit of scouring though ~ requires a determined focus and desire to get through the mess. And a lot of hot water. Nice that I have that handy these days.

This is what I've gotten done on the drop spindles. Not even plied yet ~ I'm toying with 4-ply.

In the meantime, the soysilk/merino blend is enjoying a leisurely set in the master bath. It measures a scant 176 yards left at single-spun. Hat? Lacy balaclava? It's time for a stroll through Knitting Pattern Central.

We now leave you with a game of Boy-in-the-Box.

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Ruth said...

What are you using to dye the wool, and what books are your knitting/spinning bibles these days?