Saturday, January 12, 2008

In the Words of the Late Rodney Dangerfield . . .

I get no respect! No respect at all! After tending all manner of creatures, bipeds and quadrupeds alike, after folding laundry, clearing the sink and having peach pie with coffee while listening to Car Talk and Wait! Wait! Don't Tell Me! on WAMC I was ready to tackle the recumbent Rambouillet waiting on the kitchen counter and who do I find nesting in my wool? None other than Darth Vader.

Despite the feline impediment, I have been working at the entire fleece in an attempt to get it all clean by tonight. Slow going because I've also been painting 'tween scouring and rinses. But this is the progress of the day:

This is the point where I added another sheet of paper. Learned this expanded painting thing from Aviva Gold's book and then ignoring a few of those rules from Michele Cassou and Stewart Cubley's book. I don't know where the octopus and starfish came from. Well, see where it goes tomorrow. Maybe there'll be kelp.

In the meantime, I guess I have to call it quits on the rest of the Rambouillet today. Cursed cat!

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Ruth said...

Darth Vader is simply asking you to please make him a wubby. Bill's been glued to his for weeks now. Must be the weather.