Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Needful Things & Lazy Lie-Abouts

But first, miscellaneous crap:

Bennie at her first Elementary Winter Concert jammin' the flute. Is flautist really a dirty word?

Bodhi gearing up for Yule . . .

And now, for the Needful Things:
Bennie needed a hat hand spun and knit in one night ~ she got it. Regrettably, she was not available for the photo shoot as it was still early morning. Waking her before the boys leave for school is generally a good way to start the day off badly. We leave sleeping daughters lie.

I needed sleeves for this sweater that had been lying about for 3 years. Now I need to rip it all out and return it to the yarn stash as I'm greatly disappointed with the results. Can't feel bad about it; just close my eyes, turn away and RIP!

Some dear person all the way in Kentucky sensed my need for a hand-made purple jacket with magenta serged edges and designs (asymmetrical, thank you!). It is my house cozy. (And don't laugh at the deer-in-the-headlights look. Ian was taking the picture with random Russian Roulette precision and I hadn't any coffee yet ~ it's 6:30 am, for gods' sake!)

This same dear friend (Ruth) also knew I needed a lovely yogini in Child's Pose created by Mary Harmon (hope to have her link one day soon) as a gentle reminder to practice my asanas and curb seasonal homicidal tendencies. And along with that I got a fair amount of Moonkissed Mugwort to get me through the more exasperating moments in the year.

It is now time for the cast of Lazy Lie-Abouts . . .
This is Piwaqit, a new addition to our Feline Family.

On another portion of the counter, Darth Vader . . .

On the car seat left in the house, Obiwan Kenobi; he is our only hope . . .

Why this is sideways is an enigma I'm not bothering to correct, but here's Crystal.

And Bodhi in the swivel lounger. Also sideways . . . I didn't shoot the photo this way.

Flower is the only one remaining vigilant. It's likely she's waiting for me to catch a cat nap so she can catch a snap of me napping. Pity she doesn't have thumbs to operate the camera. She might have a chance with the mouse though.

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Anonymous said...

You heard my psychic plea for a photo, and managed to fulfill it with an abundance of wonderfulness.

I love you!

PS - No more locked journal?