Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Hat w/ the Little Heart On

Voila! C'est finis! The last xmas gift knitted for Dirk. Despite what one might think, it is actually the side of the hat that is being viewed. The grey is my 4-ply Icelandic, still a bit greasy which should make it a little weather-proof. The orange heart is some fat, juicy Lopi bought when Patternworks was just a tick north of me on Route 9 ~ they've been in another state for quite a few years. I've missed them terribly. While the Knittingsmith is a fine, very local, substitution, when one is belaboured with holiday money and a strong yearning to add to the Stash, the place needs to be open. Inventory, schminventory! I want sock yarn now, dammit! AC Moore's did little to mollify that need. I settled for beads and two pounds of bees wax, which I minded to the best of my ability.

I'm feeling a little lost as to what to do next. Really (and again) I ought to be working on the Tarot thingy, but I'm peering far into another Artistic Desert inspiration-wise. Which is why I think I just need to play with some tempera and paper just to limber up again. And so that I'm not focusing on any particular fiber project, spinning would perhaps keep my hand in the wool at night when thoughts are fuzzy and the TV reigns.

Speaking of TV ~ between xmas gifts and what I've purchased for myself I have a great many movies to catch up on. My Harry Potter series is, for the present, complete; First Year to the Fifth. Having received the third Pirates of the Carribean movie and already owning the second, it was necessary to ensure I had the first. Done deal, purchased cheap today. From my mother, we received Pan's Labyrinth (this is a subtitled aka NO Knitting/Spinning movie) and Sicko. And just to round out my hours for complete time displacement, I bought The Queen. At this rate, I might not need to leave the house until Imbolc . . . if I'm lucky.

This evening, I leave you with a photo that perfectly captures the level of respect our cats have for the human inhabitants.

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