Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Gray Lazy Day

Here's my bit of Sunday knitting. This and catching Le Show on WAMC was about all I cared to do today. Much talk about Bhutto and the Year in Review with a weird pseudo-phone conversation between 41 and 43. The Fair Isle bag is something I finished a couple of years ago (I think ~ need to research my own blog on that), but I wasn't happy with the strap as per instructions. The pattern originally called for a twisted bunch of yarns which proved difficult to feed through the top of the bag. Instead, I spent time mindlessly knitting I-cords. These were knit too long so I made knots which created a sort of added decoration. As you can see here:

Piwaqit is glaring at a quick knit: the beginnings of fingerless mitts. (I lied. I said I wouldn't get bogged down with another project so I could focus on painting and spend my fiber nights spinning, but the single-ply alpaca was having words with me and then this bit of mohair blend piped up . . . and it just got complicated.) This pattern can be found on the Knitting at KNoon site. The pattern calls for #7 US dp needles, but I only had #8's (all mixed in with a bunch of #4's ~ it's as if my grandmother forgot she had #4 dpn's at least five times). So the gloves will be a bit larger than intended. Well, I'll see how it goes. I fear not the mistakes ~ hmmm . . . that was a bit Yoda-like.

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