Thursday, December 13, 2007

Coming Undone

With the Big Snow Storm heading in this morning, I set myself up in my Little Corner to begin unraveling. I'm generally unraveled anyway, but what I speak of is the Moirae Pullover from The Knitting Goddess. It just wasn't working ~ hadn't been working for three years. I've gone through two different styles of sleeves (one set became instant leg warmers) and it's been moved and then sat around in baskets and on the Project Table for far too long. It was an uncomfortable existence at best.

So these are the bits I have to un-work with. Of course, I knotted every end on every stripe which made it easy to find the ends, but the fuzzy stripes were the worst! Fuzzy, eyelash yarn is a bear to rip out ~ probably worse than mohair.

In the meantime, as folks were snowed in we made it a Chazz Michael Michaels and Ricky Bobby day with Blades of Glory and Taladega Nights.

Tom IM'd people he thought he'd get to see in town today. Much to his chagrin, that's not happening. We live on a mountain ~ no car, no ride. Alas! Life is now Boring. Funny how Boredom occurs more than one would like to admit.

And after two Will Ferrell movies and some DaVinci Code busting on the History Channel, this represents the front of the Pullover Formerly Known As Moirae. I feel like I've just gone yarn shopping. The only problem is that I've knotted it all back together. I'd been toying w/ making tea cozy's or simple Yule tree ornaments ~ at least then the knots won't matter much or irritate any Princess and the Pea types if made into garments.

Now, time for some kind of dinner and disassembling the back . . .

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