Friday, December 28, 2007

baby steps

After much puttering 'round the house, in and out, feeding animals, filling bird feeders, making neat, I cleared out my studio and set things up to paint. This process actually started mid-morning, segue'd into early afternoon with many interruptions. Furnace repair guy, people needing to eat, phone calls, arranging time for a movie out tonight. I also moved my paper supply and some artwork that was stored with it into my studio. That took time because I forgot the artwork I had. Stuff like this:

And this:

And so, finally, at about 1:30 pm, I was painting.
As usual, I'm not sure where this is going yet. It seemed important to get the bottom done with white before calling it a day on any kind of painting so I persevered. These squiggles came out to play and then I spent time painting the negative space around them. I let the white paint do what it needed to do, even if that meant going completely over something I'd done. Now, intellectually, one would think: Paint something over, that makes it gone. However, as an artist, thinking intellectually needs to leave the building. Sometimes painting something over makes it something else other than gone. Maybe the original image will show through. Maybe some interesting effect will occur. Maybe what appears to be gone has to be a new way of creating a vision. I met my personal goal for the day. A fair accomplishment.

Although, Obiwan is always ready to point out where more work could have been done . . .

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Ruth said...

I remember those first two paintings. :)

Obi Wan seems to be nesting. Speaking of nesting, both of my furbeasts still use the wubby you made for Bill.