Friday, November 16, 2007

What would make Grendl slap his Momma?

Tom reading Beowulf, that's what. Unbidden, unrequested, reading not even on the school's 9th Grade Required Reading list. It is one of the oldest known pieces of literature. Why the Brits would write about a Dane in Olde English is beyond me, but it's a hefty read and I'm damned proud to see Tom reading it.

This is, of course, hot on the heels of the movie trailer seen on TV lately . . .

I need to read it again myself. This translation by Seamus Heaney seems easy to read. The last time I read this book was when I was in 9th Grade. At least we can see the movie tonight. Better than Cliff Notes.

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Anonymous said...

I was toying with the idea of dragging Evan off to a matinee if he has the time this week.