Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Save the Turkey!

Or the 'Truckeys,' if you've misspelled 'Turkey.' This is the second of Bennie's annual Save the Turkey shirts. She isn't vegetarian or vegan. She'll happily tuck into a fine hunk of bird like the rest of her godless meat-eating family. The shirt and its statement is just in honor of a bird that almost, almost became our national symbol. Could you imagine the turkey in place of the mighty eagle on the presidential seal? Just take a minute and mull that over . . .

Today, I'll be helping out at the 4th Grade class' Green Corn Festival. I get to make enough frozen corn for 20 people and serve it up. There's going to be turkey, too, I hear. After grub, we'll be engaging in Native American crafts. I wonder if we'll have to wrastle a deer for its hide and sinew. I think that would be more authentic than breaking out the naugahide and Elmer's.

Until then: Remember the Truckeys!

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Anonymous said...

Dear Gods . . . she's your daughter, alrighty.