Saturday, November 03, 2007

Dinner With "Jaws"

Sometimes we gather 'round the boob tube for our evening repast. Tom ordered a pizza for himself as he was not interested in eating what I was feeding the rest of the family: flounder stuffed with a crab stuffing. By the time I got dinner to the Round Table, it was decided that Jaws would be a fine view for the Dinner/Theater atmosphere. Okay. Fine. We're having fish ~ I guess that works. It's a theme.

When Capt. Quinn tosses Hooper a rope to pass his boarding test (for proper "sharkin'", YARR!), we're digging into the first servings. Ah! Flounder and onion rings! The lemon was tangy, the rings were round.

By the time we got to seconds, Brody makes mention of requiring a larger vessel with which to capture their quarry as he has seen the beast and thinks the craft they are in is grossly inadequate. Simply said ~ We need a bigger boat.

And now Brody watches on in mild amusement as Quinn and Hooper compare shark bites whilst the Great White circles said inadequate craft. Dinner time banter is coming to a head when Bennie asks Dad when we're going to the doctor tomorrow. Dirk answers with a puzzled look; Bennie continues the query with "for Ian's brain problem."

By the time dinner is cleared, Quinn asserts, time and again, that the Great White can't possibly go down with three barrels. For perhaps the five millionth time in my life, I watch the shark do precisely that. From that point on, it would only be a matter of time before the boat is eaten in half and then Jaws is finally blown up.

I forget how that all went. I pick up the latest small knitting project and lose myself. But the fish was good.

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Anonymous said...

"Ian's brain problem"?

I see your daughter has inherited your wit.

So you delicious sounding repast wasn't good enough for the whiner/tattler? The irony is not lost on me. Feed him to the sharks next time.