Sunday, November 18, 2007

Crankin' along

This Hedgerow sock pattern came from my Knitter's Review on-line newsletter. It's a nice pattern. It would be a nicer pattern if I'd remember what I'm doing in each row. Nothing worse than knitting amnesia. It's coming out nicely enough though and will be this year's warm socks to wear for winter.

In the studio, I've started on Bennies' Louet Sunset roving. I'm spinning it chunky because, thanks to finally understanding simple physics and wheel ratio, I can. I simply moved the drive belt in two places:

On the treadle wheel, I moved the drive belt to the largest groove. On the flyer, the belt was put on the smallest groove. A move never before performed in my spinning endeavors. This might just open up a whole new world for me . . . y'know, if you're into that sort of thing.

And I'm reading this again . . .

The last time I read this book was 1991 when I bought and inscribed it. It's a handy little reminder of the Tao. Simple, clear, fun, concise . . . and still an enigma ~ which is the nature of Tao. But I was disturbed by Benjamin Hoff's web site here where he spews vitriol about publishing companies he's been dealing with. I feel like asking, "Ben! Where's the Tao? Where's the 'moving upon the mighty shoulders of the River' analogy?" What gives?" I really feel like writing him a handwritten letter (anyone remember pens? paper? stamps?) about what this book does for me. It reminds me how simple life really is ~ as long as I remember to get out of my own way, of course. Next to that is Buddhism for Sheep by Chris Riddell and Louise Howard. (Nods to Ruth on that.) It's the extent of my philosophical reading these days.

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Y'know, you're just the woman to write such a letter.