Friday, October 05, 2007

Shhh! . . . Artist at Work!

It's Friday. I'm ignoring domestic responsibilities, the phone and the incessant hammering outside. Dirk is hanging cedar shingles (which can not be hung directly against Tyvek, BTW ~ needs felt paper twixt the two). I am painting. One for pure pleasure and the other because I've finally come up with a vision for the Lovers arcana and it must be gotten down before lost in the oblivion of phone calls, faxes, paperwork, hamburger and dirty underwear. It is a water sports sort of day ~ acrylics and watercolors, with a dash of sea salt.

In this piece, I am attempting to capture my personal yin~yang with the Dawgs. It is interesting how the personalities of these mutts complement each other. Bodhi, although colored in that black yin, is yang in personality and body build ~ muscle and sinew, extremely focused. Where as, Crystal with her white yang is all mush, yeilding and easily confused. We'll see what happens with this painting over the weekend. Nods to Columbus and his White Sales, of course.

Here is my tea waiting for the Salt Trick to dry on the Lovers. After that, I'll be mixing up some gold into a few colors and letting that all rip.

And so you don't think I'm slacking in the fiber area of my life: this is a Skunk Shrug for Grace. Skunk is her totem. She voiced a wish to possess a shrug sometime in her life; I figured I was just the gal to do it. Continuing in my Black and White theme for this month, Skunk-like ideas came to mind. That little black stripe running up the white looks cute, doesn't it? Could almost kiss it full on the lips. Funny thing ~ the night I started this knit project, I ran into a skunk absconding with one of the uncollected eggs as I went out to tuck in the chickens. Kismet with near consequences.

Don't ask me about the Rambouillet. I'm still spinning it. Just 16 more days until the Sheep & Wool! Squeal . . .

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The tarot. I'm having a problem with one of the pictures from way back and am STUCK there.

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