Friday, October 12, 2007

Laden Table

There's a whole lot of fiber going on. Projects forgotten, projects pending, projects waiting for more wool from AC Moore's. Wrapped in the Star Wars sheet is the imprisoned Rambouillet, dirty, stinky and proud of it. Atop that with carders, is some clean Rambouillet waiting to be spun on various spindles. Bennie's Bernat Disco/Lion Brand Fun Fur scarf shied out of the picture, but it's a wild teal and orange mix. My Brighid bag is still awaiting a decent lining and strap.

Also there are skeins of fiber that I've been feverishly spinning in an effort to empty the shelves of stuff I bought at last year's Sheep & Wool so that there's room for the this year's stuff from the Sheep & Wool. Nature abhors a vacuum.

And here's Grace's Skunk Shrug peeking from the black bag waiting for some more Homespun-like wool. (So far, this is a mix of the Lion Brand Homespun and Red Heart's black bumpy stuff.) I'm about half-way through this project.

As long as I have a block of uninterrupted time, I'm able to paint. I haven't had that since last week. As long as I have the Work out, in sight, it won't be forgotten.

Now I must make plans for another Overnight Birthday Party for Ian (we'll be 11). Rated M games need to be gleaned from the gaming piles, dog hair needs to be vacuumed (although I don't know what difference that will make ~ boys don't notice that sort of thing), brownie mix must be procured and coffee, lot's of it ~ for me. The next day.

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