Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Grace's Glass Painting

I tried both angles: not much to look at now, but it will become Something. Grace found this old window on the side of the road waiting for Junk Day. (Don't you just love Junk Day!?) She decided it needed to become Something too and gave it to me . . . back in June. It's now mid-September. I've been remiss in my Artistic Duties. (I also have a watercolor of an old farmhouse waiting in the wings; I really have to pull myself together here.) Casting about for ideas, I had to grill Grace for a favorite goddess. Well, she usually doesn't go for any particular goddess image, but if she had a favorite, it would be Persephone. Persephone. Proserpina. Kore. A worthy challenge in the Collective Unconscious Zone. Goddess goes Underground, hosts the Dead to tea and crumpets for a few months and then comes Topside to visit her Mother. Pomegranates, snakes, light, dark, Life, Death . . . Yeah, this'll take awhile.

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Ruth said...

Persephone as the penultimate diner waitress?