Tuesday, September 18, 2007

getting lost

But first, a couple of things I've done:

This was given as birthday gift off the cuff. Very little time, very few discretionary funds. Acrylic on canvas. Well received. Titled: Seahorse.

And here's the Furlana hat and mitts on my perennial model. (He's still in the closet. We've talked about this.) I've decided, as I have enough yarn left over to make such a decision, to knit another hat with a modified pattern instruction using fewer stitches from the beginning to make the hat a little more snug. I'll figure out what to do with the Big Hat later. An egg basket maybe.

And now . . . about getting lost: After feeding and watering chickens and Smudge the Rabbit, I gazed past the break in the chain link fence at the woods. Because I'm good with procrastination, I left the house to its own devices for a little while longer and head through the break into the woods. I found a sizable rock with a gnarled old Mountain Laurel growing next to it and sat. And I began to meditate. Just like that. Just like breathing. Just like brewing the perfect cup of coffee. I let myself percolate until I simply sensed I'd had enough. Roosters crowing, I made my way back through the break in the fence, back to that other reality where the phone rings and the faxes pour in. And I'm kind of okay with that now.

I should go that way more often. But first, a bagel with cream cheese ~ slathered on thick. I'm working on my thighs.

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