Thursday, September 20, 2007

Because Ian needs a haircut . . .

By 9:00 pm last night, things were looking like this:

By the light of day, we were finished:

It was my personal deadline. School photos are tomorrow and Grace cuts hair ~ Ian's hair needs a cut or he's going to look like a shaggy dog. What's also good is just accomplishing something. Well, more than that: it's feeling connected to Source again that's good. And that is required if I'm going to continue on this Tarot project that has already taken about 2 years now. I only need to clear my table of a promised watercolor and I can get back to the project at hand. I'm nearly through the major arcana. I'm on the fence as to whether there'll be a minor arcana or if these and subsequent images will just be oracle cards. I asked my partner-in-creation her thoughts on this and she seems fairly flexible. Normally, this is good, but I might actually need someone to slap me and tell me to stop whining. I want desperately to make the minor arcana tell their own stories without getting bogged down with the whole numbers/elements/objects thing. I'm afraid an oracle deck might be a cop out. I don't bungee jump off bridges for thrills ~ this could be my greatest challenge at this juncture of my life. Trust me, clogged toilets ain't got nothing on me and I know more about plumbing and electrical than I care to. Really. This could be a personal break-through.

Now . . . to fold that laundry that's been sitting for two days.

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Rose said...

I like the paining. I like the skunk thing and I like the doggie and the horse. Can you paint a picture of a very young chiropractor sitting in on a seminar?? I also like the wool. Yes, that's good looking wool. Baaaah.