Thursday, September 20, 2007

Because Ian needs a haircut . . .

By 9:00 pm last night, things were looking like this:

By the light of day, we were finished:

It was my personal deadline. School photos are tomorrow and Grace cuts hair ~ Ian's hair needs a cut or he's going to look like a shaggy dog. What's also good is just accomplishing something. Well, more than that: it's feeling connected to Source again that's good. And that is required if I'm going to continue on this Tarot project that has already taken about 2 years now. I only need to clear my table of a promised watercolor and I can get back to the project at hand. I'm nearly through the major arcana. I'm on the fence as to whether there'll be a minor arcana or if these and subsequent images will just be oracle cards. I asked my partner-in-creation her thoughts on this and she seems fairly flexible. Normally, this is good, but I might actually need someone to slap me and tell me to stop whining. I want desperately to make the minor arcana tell their own stories without getting bogged down with the whole numbers/elements/objects thing. I'm afraid an oracle deck might be a cop out. I don't bungee jump off bridges for thrills ~ this could be my greatest challenge at this juncture of my life. Trust me, clogged toilets ain't got nothing on me and I know more about plumbing and electrical than I care to. Really. This could be a personal break-through.

Now . . . to fold that laundry that's been sitting for two days.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Grace's Glass Painting

I tried both angles: not much to look at now, but it will become Something. Grace found this old window on the side of the road waiting for Junk Day. (Don't you just love Junk Day!?) She decided it needed to become Something too and gave it to me . . . back in June. It's now mid-September. I've been remiss in my Artistic Duties. (I also have a watercolor of an old farmhouse waiting in the wings; I really have to pull myself together here.) Casting about for ideas, I had to grill Grace for a favorite goddess. Well, she usually doesn't go for any particular goddess image, but if she had a favorite, it would be Persephone. Persephone. Proserpina. Kore. A worthy challenge in the Collective Unconscious Zone. Goddess goes Underground, hosts the Dead to tea and crumpets for a few months and then comes Topside to visit her Mother. Pomegranates, snakes, light, dark, Life, Death . . . Yeah, this'll take awhile.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

getting lost

But first, a couple of things I've done:

This was given as birthday gift off the cuff. Very little time, very few discretionary funds. Acrylic on canvas. Well received. Titled: Seahorse.

And here's the Furlana hat and mitts on my perennial model. (He's still in the closet. We've talked about this.) I've decided, as I have enough yarn left over to make such a decision, to knit another hat with a modified pattern instruction using fewer stitches from the beginning to make the hat a little more snug. I'll figure out what to do with the Big Hat later. An egg basket maybe.

And now . . . about getting lost: After feeding and watering chickens and Smudge the Rabbit, I gazed past the break in the chain link fence at the woods. Because I'm good with procrastination, I left the house to its own devices for a little while longer and head through the break into the woods. I found a sizable rock with a gnarled old Mountain Laurel growing next to it and sat. And I began to meditate. Just like that. Just like breathing. Just like brewing the perfect cup of coffee. I let myself percolate until I simply sensed I'd had enough. Roosters crowing, I made my way back through the break in the fence, back to that other reality where the phone rings and the faxes pour in. And I'm kind of okay with that now.

I should go that way more often. But first, a bagel with cream cheese ~ slathered on thick. I'm working on my thighs.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Another Squealover

My eyeballs feel like they've been polished with 80-grit sandpaper and the coffee's not even touching the level of exhaustion I am presently experiencing. We hosted a sleepover party for Bennie's 9th birthday here at the Plantation. First, there was pizza . . .

Then there was cupcake decorating . . .

Some dancing . . .

Piggy-back rides (?) . . .

And then there was this . . .

Yes, a black out. This period of darkness lasted from 7:30pm until 4:00am. Oddly, it was also the same amount of time that ALL the children in the house stayed awake. As soon as the lights clicked on, it was long past the hour they should have been turned off. Dirk got gas for the generator so the TV and DVD would at least work ~ that stood us a good three hours of fun with R.L. Stine's latest, The Haunting Hour, followed by a variety of other Goose Bumps favorites.

This morning: Nail polish and Belgian waffles ala mode . . . I'm ready for a nap now.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Another Lazy Sunday

The dogs and I were hanging out in the barbeque pit area of the homestead today. In cleaning the yard, we found the dog tie-outs; a little rusty and no worse for the wear, but still serviceable. This allowed me to sit with a Sam Adams and my dogs (chickens giving a wide berth during our stay) and knit more of the Furlana Hat and Mittens from Knits of a few seasons ago.

I've got the hat done; the gauge is off, so it's a tad large. I'll avoid felting this time. What I did instead was decrease a few stitches after the brim so that the hat would be a little more snug on the pate. What's in progress is the left mitten. I hope I get the right mitten to match ~ the hazards of symmetry. Which is why I generally avoid it.

And this is a corner of my world made a little less shabby . . .