Tuesday, August 28, 2007

when things look shabby

I grew weary of the sight my front foyer was presenting. Cleaning the water fountain just wasn't enough. Something had to happen in this corner directly across from the front door. I needed visual impact as it's the first space seen by the naked eye upon entering. The mirrored tapestry was helpful, but the bare plywood floor was driving me nuts. Sad fact is we don't quite know what we're going to install in the hall ~ wood or tile. Could be a coin toss. I crave immediate gratification in my environment. Even now is too late. Painting on the floor seemed the quickest route.

So I scrounged the basement for some primer and a decent brush. The search for a brush quickly became futile, but I persevered and adapted, finding a large grout sponge. With the floor sort of cleaned (cat/dog hair is frequently included in my handiwork) and people ready to get to the beach, I splotched primer in place and left it to dry while we swam. To add to my joy of creativity, my mother hosted a sleep over at her place with a subsequent trip to a beach by the ocean tomorrow. Dirk was still at work. By 6:30pm, I had started painting; by 8:30 pm things looked like this . . .

As usual, I don't know what it'll become. It's been a long time since I've used acrylic paints (college *wince*) so it took me awhile to get the hang of it. I know we'll be installing floors over this soon enough (let's not define 'soon' right now, please), but I'm treating this exercise as pure experience. Like Navajo sand paintings, like the mandalas pored over by Tibetan monks, I know this is impermanent, but sometimes that is exactly what adds to the Beauty.

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