Thursday, July 05, 2007

The Table Is Set . . .

Yesterday was a total Harry Potter movie/knitting immersion day. After all the travelling and visiting the past two weeks, I decided a do-nothing day was in order ~ with the appropriate tea. Clearly, doing nothing paid off. I completed my first ever yoke somewhat successfully. (No thanks to Math. Mathmatics and I have strained relations at best. I view it as a necessary evil that rarely cooperates. Its regard for me is much like an exclusive country club member cursing the deplorable help; speaking in clench-jawed tones of Thurston Howell the Third.) From that yoke, I knitted myself a respectable short-row collar (more math).

At first, I thought I'd put buttons here with some crochet loopy things. Then I decided to put some kind of complimentary-colored insert. Some sharply triangular shape with a flat pattern like the Linen Stitch. (Hence, the table set with tea and past Interweave Knits ~ I had to find the Furlana Hat and Mitts by Rebecca Harris for the pattern again.) Pattern relocated; now I needed the right wool . . .

You know how one could swear to the appropriate diety of choice that there is orange yarn in the Stash, but can't find it? One remembers spinning it, handling it, putting it in the Stash for a special occasion, such as this, and its imexplicably absent. There must be some quantum physic anamoly, a sort of yarn stash black hole, requiring, once again, Mathmatics to discern a locale few are aware of. Since I couldn't find the orange yarn I was certain I had, I'll have to spin up this other mohair stuff.

I did find, like the tribbles in Star Trek, a whole lot of mohair/metallica/other fiber blends literally spilling from bags like the aforementioned Trekkie critters. Now what the hell do I do with all that?

On a lighter note, Goldie is doing quite well. Holding his own, he pecks and scratches with the rest of them.

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Ruth said...

It makes me so incredibly happy to see that yarn used at last!

I will expect to see a picture of YOU wearing the garment when it's done.