Sunday, July 15, 2007

The Invasion Begins!

For those who doubted me: Hah! and Hah, hah! I was told, You need to water them more. They'll need to be watered everyday! I thumbed my nose at mollycoddling this bamboo. Channelling Chuck Darwin, I figured if it's going to survive it'll have to make its own way in the forest. And it is looking rather fit at that. I wasn't concerened about the sun and wind-damaged foliage up top (the plants were hauled down 684 and 84 in the back of Grace's truck). My focus was on the then-unformed shoots underneath ~ that's what needed to take in order to survive. I was happy to see one plant make a showing, but I'm absolutely gleeful that all four batches are showing good signs of life. So begins my bid for World Domination Through Invasive Bamboo. Maybe in about 10 years, I could sell bamboo knittining needles . . .

And here is the finished self-designed sweater with the Kentucky yarn (no matter that it was orginally purchased New York and then moved south) and some Malabrigo. It's not the screaming orange I'd originally imagined, but as I was swatching up this coral/blue/white yarn in Linen Stitch, it reminded me of the sea and how the whole sweater sort of reminds of the sea. The reverse side of the Linen Stitch was bumpy reminding me further of shells and other sea creatures. I sewed this panel in the cleft of the sweater and Voila! C'est finis!

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Ruth said...

I expect to see a bamboo thicket by the end of Summer.

Oh . . . the yarn was purchased in Silverton, NJ. It's done a lot of traveling since I bought it.

The sweater is beautiful (as is the model).