Thursday, July 26, 2007


Personally, I hate "window treatments." Store-bought curtain rods annoy me. The process of measuring and hammering/affixing the accompanying hardware just causes apoplexy. And that's why I don't have many curtains in my multi-windowed house. However, there are a few instances where they're a necessary evil ~ bathrooms and bedrooms, specifically. No one should endure jiggly bits peering in from outside my window and I really prefer a little privacy in these household sanctuaries. After much deliberation and resistance, I finally worked out a plan for the downstairs bath using curtains bought from Sears by my grandmother ages ago. (I found the set unopened in a trunk ~ heaven knows what she was saving them for; I'm unaware of any "rainy days" involving the use of curtains. Unless you're Scarlett O'Hara, of course.) Since much of the bamboo's upper foliage bought the farm, I trimmed it back yielding a fine supply of straight, fairly smooth lumber for curtain rods. The upstairs bath has sets of curtains my grandmother crocheted for me and sticks from the woods around my house. Dirk was certain I was out of my tree meandering about with a measuring tape and pruners, but when he saw the results, he had to agree it was time well spent. Curtains: just another opportunity to be unique.

And just so it doesn't look like that's ALL I've been doing, here's a fine bevy of dishcloths.


Anonymous said...

He Dawn: I love the curtain rods. Cool Idea. I think Kate Johnson did that one year for the holidays. She found a branch big enough for her kitchen window and made little acorn-ish ornaments and put them up there on colored string. Hmmm. Sounds like something I actually thought up once when I had too much haggis!!!
No, actually I love the idea!!!

Ruth said...

You are, indeed, one of a kind. Maybe you should pitch your own home makeover show to the DIY network.