Monday, May 28, 2007

Wool Washing & House Volleyball are a Walk in the Park

My ears smart to the clash of alternative music (Linkin Park, Nine Inch Nails) and Doom III. While the guitars wail (or grind, I haven't figured out which just yet) and the carnage rages on the Family television, replete with chainsaw sounds, there is a volleyball game going on in the Great Room. I believe it will be a sad day when furniture is purchased for that room ~ there will no longer be space for rough-housing dogs, wall ball or volleyball.

This summer's weekend kick-off has been a house bound one. People have come, we've gone to the lake. Otherwise, we've been just kicking 'round ~ sometimes getting things done, sometimes not. I was happy to get my herb drying ladder up over the kitchen sink. It meant I could hang my dangly-doo's that catch the sun. Makes the sink feel a little more magical. So the ladder is no longer an herb drying ladder; it's a Dangly-doo Ladder. Herbs can hang elsewhere to dry.

Under the Dangly-doo Ladder soaks the second washing of the Rambouillet that's been lying 'round since late summer last year. I've decided not to mix the dyed mohair with the rest of this fleece. I want some white yarn to Kool-Aid dye with.

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Ruth said...

When Bennie leaves for college, buy furniture.