Monday, May 07, 2007


Sometimes, an artist needs to do SOMETHING in order to distract herself from the guilt of doing nothing. The constant nagging I've felt since winter, gnawing nagging, about not working on a personal project finally gained more voice. I finally told it to shut up; I'll do something, but it won't be the Project. I don't seem to be ready for that just yet. I feel rusty in the arena of manifesting Tarot visions. So I played with the watercolors ~ kept it simple. No salt tricks or using rubbing alcohol to make fish eyes or sponges; just water and paint. I may need a few more days of just this to loosen the hard crust of doing nothing.

In the meantime, knitting has been easier to manage and I am on the second sleeve of the Fair Isle. This sweater is working out like the Stephen Wright one-liner about matching socks ~ I go by thickness. I am acutely aware that the green of the sleeves isn't matching the bluey-green of the body, but the pattern is still working out nicely. I wonder how it'll look finished.

These are shots of the finished kitchen with appliances installed and fully functional. I think my favorite is the dishwasher. I haven't had one in years. Yes, I'm in love with the dishwasher ~ I can admit that now.

Now, back to the drawing board to see what I can make of this.

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Ruth said...

Your kitchen is magnificent.

Yes, that's envy you're reading.