Sunday, February 18, 2007

What To Do On the Lunar Chinese New Year?

Make a twirly paper pig. That's just what Bennie and I did after a hefty brekkers of eggs, bacon, Potatoes O'Brien and cinnamon buns to die for ~ with coffee for me, of course. Pigs are supposed to be fun loving and generous . . . I'm rather hoping that's how this year will proceed from this point on. In honor of this new year, Ian shared a porcine joke: Spell 'pig' backwards and say,"funny colors."

There are things to do 'round here today ~ moving toilets, setting counter tops, and more. It's Sunday, so many activities are getting put off and ignored. Soon I'll be moving things in the basement. I've started unpacking my past as well. Much has been in storage for the past 9 years. Much will be chucked. Mold does serious stuff. I am lamenting the condition of my vast library already. Another bridge to cross. And then there's stuff I'm sure I've forgotten about. Either it'll be like xmas all over again or a simple releasing ceremony for the damaged object ~ the dumpster. Speaking of dumpsters, here's a funny: the dumpster company we got our present dumpster from went out of business ~ as in, "This number is no longer in service" out of business.

I think I'll just spell 'pig' backwards and worry about it in spring.

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