Tuesday, February 27, 2007

It's Not Easy Spinning Green

We all have our phases, moments, lapses of reason and sanity. Picasso had his Blue Period. There's been the Dark Ages followed by a healthy Renaissance. Humanity stumbled through the Jurassic period as something else and made it on to the Neolithic and beyond. I'm stuck in Green. It is with a laser beam focus, an obsession, that I need to finish this yarn for the Fair Isle languishing on a shelf in my newly-arranged studio. I knit at friends' houses using their yarn and needles so the Green Fiber doesn't know I'm doing something other than spinning it exclusively. I tell the Green Fiber that darning socks made with Love In Every Stitch is a necessity for warm toes. It glares at me menacingly from the Millie. It bides its time, but not well. I pine for other colors, other knit projects, but the Green Fiber is a jealous fiber. There is little room for compromise.

Sad fact is, I fear the Green Phase is part of my genetics and heritage. My mother could recollect it better, but my grandmother went through her own Green Period with latex paint. I only vaguely remember it as a child ~ all of a sudden there were quite a few green objects lying about the house. Explanations for my grandmother's Green Phase have gone to the Great Beyond with her, but I have a couple of chairs with the peeling green paint. A seance would be required to understand why things went green in 197-whatever. I imagine a session might go something like:

"Grandmother, why on earth did you paint unsuspecting inanimate objects this garish Kelly Green?"

"Well, dearie, things were looking a bit shabby and it was the only color on clearance."

Some legacies need to be sanded and refinished.

Millie yawns as I load another spool of green . . .

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