Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Yoda of Brokeback Nebula and the Carrot-colored Socks

Bennie's socks are finished. This ends my obligatory sock knitting until next year. These were knitted up to NOT match ~ Bennie wanted Dobby socks. True Dobby socks without snitches or flying broomsticks. The kind of socks Dobby might actually knit up if he had access to screaming orange yarn and a circular needle.

But wait . . . There's more!

It looks like I have a back yard again. A muddy, rocky back yard, but a back yard nonetheless. No more trenches. Not even trench coats. I believe I'm rather delerious.

The sun sets on yet another idyllic day.

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Ruth said...

Oh, I've got the scarf to go with those Dobby socks. Well, I will in another 20 rows or so.

The backyard looks WONDERFUL, as does the view over the mtns. I miss the Hudson Valley.