Thursday, December 21, 2006

'Twas Time to Lower the Furnace

'Twas time to lower the furnace when all thru the house
Not a tradesman was stirring, not even the help (That louse!)

The living room floor was pried open (site of a future fireplace),
Boards set aside, making a mess of the place.

The makeshift scaffold and boom were set with great care,
with the hopes of getting the furnace to the basement ~ down there.

All things were set, when what to my wondering eyes,
Dirk grabbed a palette jack of biblical size.

He lifted and hauled the great hulking beast.
Surely, once this was done, we would all have a feast!

For Frank the Mason kindly brought his great winch;
So lowering the furnace should be a cinch.

To a hastily constructed platform the furnace of 800 pound
Was rolled over (Did I mention there still wasn't a sound?)

All the straps and the winch held the furnace in check.
Should we remove the platform? Sure! What the heck?

With the beast hoisted, Frank gave the boards a great heave,
When the trimmed Christmas tree caught on his sleeve.

He danced and he spun; the tree teetered ready to take the plunge
When Frank made the heroic Christmas-saving lunge.

As the furnace dangled the tree was put back in its place;
Frank gave the thumbs up, "Lower it down, Ace!"

Dirk ratcheted and the cables went taut with a twang.
We all held our breath. Would it crash or hang?

Inch by inch, foot by foot, the frunace went down.
When it reached the basement floor, not a face held a frown.

All breathed a deep sigh while brows were wiped;
The relief is still palpable even as I type.

Now if you are quiet, from the basement you'll hear
The cast iron rumblings of great heated cheer.

You could hear it exclaim, even tho out of sight,
"Merry Christmas to All and to All many a warm night!"

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Yoda of Brokeback Nebula and the Carrot-colored Socks

Bennie's socks are finished. This ends my obligatory sock knitting until next year. These were knitted up to NOT match ~ Bennie wanted Dobby socks. True Dobby socks without snitches or flying broomsticks. The kind of socks Dobby might actually knit up if he had access to screaming orange yarn and a circular needle.

But wait . . . There's more!

It looks like I have a back yard again. A muddy, rocky back yard, but a back yard nonetheless. No more trenches. Not even trench coats. I believe I'm rather delerious.

The sun sets on yet another idyllic day.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Goodies Galore!

It arrived at last! Stash wool from Kentucky! (Well, it lived in New York awhile first, then relocated.) My dear friend, Ruth, passed on her stash to me ~ 100% Wooland wool. The colors are beauteous (maximus) and I can't wait to get a large project started with it all. She also sent along these lovely earrings . . . Clearly, I couldn't wait to swatch some of the stash (#11 Brittany's, walnut, I think).

And this blog booty came earlier in the week from a contest I won here: My title was chosen for an unwritten blog entry. I won't give away the title here; but I'll keep an eye out for it.

Other goodies in progress:
This is the small hearth in the sun room . . .

This is the oven door . . .

The inside of the oven . . .

And the kitchen hearth proper . . .

And one more thing: My Beamish Boy at the school's Winter Concert. It's tough trying to be cool when your nerdy parents keep snapping pics on the fly. Poor kid, he doesn't know about that Precious Moments angst yet.