Monday, November 13, 2006

Remember the Loom

Fanny made comment this morning over tea about how she hadn't been blogged about in a really long time and so what was my problem?
I gave lame construction excuses, she pouted, I broke out the camera. The same throw I started early spring (?) is still on the loom. (That I'd have to refer to my own blog to remember when I started this particular project is nigh on pathetic.) I spent yesterday and a bit of today dusting Fanny off again; she was rife with construction dust. Thanks to the newly purchased industrial wet/dry vac, a goodly amount of dust was easily disposed of without raising too much of it. The warp is not the greatest. As mentioned oh so long ago, I wasn't seeking perfection, only throwing the shuttle and getting back into the weaving groove ~ again, an exercise in process. So I tossed together a warp of two different fibers, wool and cotton, and both have different tensions. The warp doesn't give me a great shed as a result, but we're limping along.

After a thorough dusting (alright, not really so thorough ~ good enough maybe), I finished off the two lousy bobbins of wool I had left since spring(?). Now the shuttle is empty and waiting for refills. Really, the easy part of weaving is throwing the shuttle. It's a quick way to go through stash yarn and handspun single-plys that possess no discernable purpose. I will be using as much of this warp as I can before removing it. I want it clear for a huge amount of linen ~ it's my mini-goal to weave linsey-woolsy. Another goal would be to work with Meek's Lithuanian weaving book and weave up some Baltic patterns.

There, you can almost see Fanny smiling.

Since I had the camera out, I figured I'd haul out all the fiber projects in progress. Here's 1 1/2 pair of Tom's socks. (I'll be working the heel flap and turn while at the dentist's office this morning.)

And on spindles is the marriage, not of Figaro, but of mohair and Rambouillet. I've been carding these fibers together with some fun results. To ply or not to ply? That is the question.

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Ruth said...

How did I miss that Fanny had been set up last Spring?

The weaving looks beautiful. Of course. You just amaze me.

Love you!