Thursday, November 09, 2006

On Good Penmanship and Dodging Squirrels

Just a quick note on things. We've found that our chickens like to cross the road. Why? Because our neighbor's deck is just ducky for hanging out and sunning on. While my neighbor has been gracious about chickens visiting his yard I don't think he appreciates them hanging feathery butts over the rails and crapping on his deck. He has kindly warned me that his Husky mix does like to tear things apart once she gets her maw on them. So I've been herding errant chickens back to my yard as often as I see them in his. Monday was the last straw. (Is it turkey in the hay and chicken in the straw? Is that how that silly song goes?) I decided to run deer mesh across as much of the top of the pen as I possibly could until running out ~ which wasn't much. The chickens don't so much fly over the fence as climb it, flapping to the top and then tipping over. I figured the deer mesh would be a deterrent.

Then it rained all day yesterday. The deer mesh got weighed down by wet leaves. Deer mesh doesn't work well in the woods. Well at least most of the chickens are in the pen and seem to be hanging 'round the property.

In the meantime, the squirrels are going, literally, nutty. It's crazy how I have to veer wildly around, not only potholes, but dazed and confused squirrels. I saw two on the road the other day that didn't quite make it. A moment's indecision on the road can cost lives. No nuts for those squirrel's families this winter.

Also in the meantime, I'm enjoying Anne Barclay Priest's book. It's a pleasure reading little anecdotes about people in Nova Scotia.

And Tom's first sock is done. It fits. Success.

Now time for flipping paperwork and drudgery.

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