Monday, November 06, 2006

On Defacating Dolls and Swatches

Generally, our TV is tuned to the Kid Channels; Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, or Disney Channel. I don't care much what's on. The children/youth enjoy the shows and there's rarely anything offensive. Off-hand adult humor is occasionally injected to prevent parental boredom. I even have a few of my favorites ~ Spongebob Squarepants, Camp Lazlo, Billy and Mandy (I miss the Angry Beavers). But there are a couple of commercials which have come to my attention that I find misogynisitc and offensive.

The first is for a Baby Alive doll. With this doll our lucky little girl would get to cradle it lovingly in her arms, feed it (here we will skirt the Breastfed Over Bottle-fed issue), dress it and . . . get this . . . change it if it produces an "Uh-oh!" All three of my children/youth responded to the ad with a grand chorus of "Eeeewwww!" At first, I thought ~ Okay. It's repugnant to me now. I've been through the Diaper Changing phases of my life three times and I don't miss the task. But I had the Tender Loving Care doll in my childhood hey-day; so I've been there doll-wise. I resumed ignoring the commercial.

Then we see a commercial featuring Barbie walking her Golden Lab (could have been a Yellow Lab, I get those confused). She and her pup are strolling along when . . . Oh my! The dog takes a plastic crap! Barbie dutifully picks it up with her pink pooper-scooper and resumes her walk. Another resounding choral "Aauugh!" rang through the family room.

That was it. That was the last straw. Nevermind the Subliminal Message theory. This isn't subliminal in any way. It is a clear declaration that the female species is here to clean up other people's shit. I don't want Bennie growing up with that Crap Clearing Declaration. The cleaning up of someone else's physical crap becomes cleaning up their emotional/mental/spiritual crap. Under no circumstances will I purchase these toys or any like it for my daughter.

In closing, I ask you: Where are the Pooping Godzillas? I've never seen an action figure or their animal counterpart needing any Defacation Clearing Squad. Why aren't there any diapers for GI Joe? At least an outhouse or underwear replete with skid marks ~ something!

I haven't had time to knit this weekend, but I did get to read my latest Knits. At the end of the magazine, in Ravelings, Clara Parkes wrote a sweet essay on swatching as a therapy. This little article spoke to my soul. Much how I enjoy spinning just to spin, sometimes I like to get lost in a knit swatch. Parkes made suggestions regarding mood and color; knitting simple swatches when times seem too complex, or losing one's self in a myriad of cables to puzzle out a problem, using bright colors when feeling drab. In these times, it's not the product, but the process that matters.

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Ruth said...

Barbie has a dog that takes a dump?

No, I don't miss TV (except for House, that is).

GI Joe's skidmarks would be something, though.