Saturday, November 25, 2006

The Knitting Chair

Some projects completed and in the making . . . Tom's socks, the heel-turn and instep gusseting of Ian's red sock, the Construction throw with ends woven in and a raglan beanie knitted up from a quick knit-in-the-round instructional for a friend. Sadly, the beanie won't fit anyone under this roof, so I need to find it a home. Tragic, really.

Here is the throw in repose on my messy couch.

Here is the weave up close. Careful, don't get lost in the Twill-lite Zone.

This is what I've gotten done with the Rambouillet/mohair mix. The all-white wool spindle is before I added the mohair. I intend to ply all this on the Millie at a later date.

Oh yeah. And finished kitchen cabinets with knobs and handles in the appropriate places.

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Ruth said...

I believe I looked at those very handles . . .

I'm absolutely awash with envy over your fiber projects. How do you do it???