Friday, November 03, 2006

The Great Light Cliche

As in, let there be some. We got some.

Or, as I had blasphemed with a friend sometime ago: "Lowes and behold! Let there be light!" Light is nice ~ it allows me to see when it's dark.

That's enough about that . . . what's Magic Looping on the needles is the first of a pair of socks for Tom. Some of this wool is from last year's Sheep and Wool shop-fest, but it came from the same vendor, Jamie Harmon. She also had that lovely angora again, but I had to focus on socks for kids. Bennie already has a pair of angora from last year; this year, she chose a screaming orange wool. (Trust me, orange can scream. Green tends to whimper on rainy days though.)

As you can see, Darth is in my knitting chair. He generally refuses to move until he's gotten his 16 hours of beauty sleep so I won't be able to knit until about midnight. That's fine. I don't think I had anything else to do.

In the meantime, I'm sort of straightening up around the Plantation. I'm unpacking things I shouldn't and attempting to keep up with the construction dust. It's a losing battle. I think I'd prefer having the Dust Bunnies move in, but they don't want any part of this action. They like finished hardwood floors and furniture that hasn't been moved in 20 years. At present, I have neither. While the flooring is by no means soft or cuddly, it hardly qualifies as finished flooring and the furniture seems to move of its own accord when I'm not looking. Well, at least the cats are comfortable.

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Ruth said...

And finally, I catch up with your blog!

My word, woman, you've been busy. Don't sweat the Inner Bohemian lethargy. Your IB and my Inner Writer are obviously out having a month on the town, and will have to sleep it off.

Thanks for all the yummy pictures. It's almost like being there . . .