Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Free Plants

Stopping in at my local feed store (got chickens to feed, y'know and they let you know about it), I noticed a sign stating that ALL plants were free and take as much as desired. Okay. Nothing actually 'looked' good, but as my grandmother used to say: There's still a bit of green! I grabbed flats of hardy creepers ~ some cinquefoil, bell flower, stonecrop and wooly thyme. There was also a couple of geraniums and an aster. I passed a few of the FREE plants on to my mother on the way home to hungry chickens. It's unnerving to think one could plant anything in November. Technically, gardens are supposed to be put to bed by now, but I got the okay to plant from my mother with simple logic: The ground isn't frozen yet. This works for one, such as I, who has been gardening-impaired for too long. I've been waiting years to plant anything without worrying where an excavator will be digging. I've found that large rocks and heavily treed areas seem to be safe from bulldozers, backhoes and trenchdiggers. So I'm planting in the woods which seems rather redundant. It satisifies my Inner Gardner. (I must sound positively loopy when referring to these other personalities.) And the beauty of FREE plants is that if they don't appear to be producing any green, it's no big loss. These are fairly hardy though; we've got a fighting chance.

In the meantime, Ian's sock is hanging out on the rock. I'm a little nervous about the amount of red I've got left. We may end up with Dobby socks . . . I should have gone to teal sooner. 20/20 hindsight is just too glaringly obvious with knitting faux pas.

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Ruth said...

YAY for free plants. May they flourish under your loving care.