Monday, October 30, 2006

Yes, he's back.

And he’s sporting my latest quick hat project. I finished the crown off with some yarn that was included in the Fall 2002 Spin Off skeins department ~ an angora/Corriedale blend. It barely puts a dent in the stash, but I feel better having used it. Really, the things I lose sleep over. I may even have enough left to make another hat.

Materials & Such: #6 circular needle, hand spun that works out to a gauge of 4-5 st per inch, a pair of working hands w/ opposable thumbs (I know it seems discriminatory against cats and those that knit w/ feet, but it was my second lace-knit project ~ thumbs seem kind of important.)

These are the directions as executed:

CO 80 stitches and join ends w/o twisting. (It's best to shoot for an even number of stitches that are also a multiple of 5 for the lace pattern.)

Row 1: p2 k3, repeat to end

Row 2: p2, k1, yo, slip one st knitwise, slip one st purlwise, k these two stitches together, repeat to end

Row 3: p2, k3, repeat to end

Row 4: p2, k2 together, yo, k1, repeat to end

This is the lace knit part and can be knit to desired depth/length depending on whether the brim folds up or not. (The pattern is borrowed from Holly’s Socks by Laurie Corriveau. It seems the link-a-ma-whats-it isn’t working; but a Search Engine should yield fruitful results.) I then switched over to Lee Raven’s simple pattern for the crown, decreases and finish as follows:

Round 1: p2, k2; repeat this round for about ½”

Round 2: p2 together, k2; repeat round of p1, k2 for about 1”

Round 3: p1, k2 together; repeat round of p1, k1 for another 1”

Round 4: sl 1, k1, pass sl st over k st; repeat round until down to 10-15 st.

Break yarn, leaving a good 6-8” tail and thread that through the remaining st w/ a tapestry needle. Pull stitches closed and knot end to keep from unraveling (or take Prozac).

Enjoy finished product.

We also managed to get down to the local Halloween parade Saturday night. Generally, the parade consists of big folks, wee bairns and the occasional canine in costume milling about on the church lawn and then walking down Main Street to the gazebo for treats and hot chocolate. This weekend, the gazebo was flooded, so the procession ended at the tracks in lower Cold Spring.

In costume, Bennie as the Purple Haze, Dirk as the Dark Leprechaun and Ian as Subzero (I don't think he'll be able to fit into this costume again next year . . . the neck was barely discernable and there was a definite wedgie.) Tom was absent and being cool with his friends at Cold Spring Pizza. I was wearing the camera.

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