Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Please! Fence me in!

Much is going on at Casa del Loco today (forgive me, it's only a fair stab at Spanish syntax ~ feel free to correct me). These guys are finally putting up the iron railing. It took awhile for us to get to the nosing, but that's because we'd been working with the electrician trying to figure out the previous electrician's wiring. We've been avoiding the tearing down of walls and separating convoluted circuits. It's been an adventure. Al the Electrician has been muttering to himself 'round the house for the past couple of weeks. It's pleasant to finally start a conversation with him that doesn't begin with, "Guess what . . ."

As a result of Al's fine work, we are basking in the glow of real lighting fixtures instead of strings of lights and snaking extension cords throughout the house. These are intended for the dining room table. At present, it's Al's work space ~ he deserves every beam of light.

In the meantime, I'm trying to sketch for my Uber-Secret project. I have the present sock knitting distraction if I run into one of those Artists' Blocks. And there's also a Thneed (it's something all people need, thanks to Dr. Seuss). Really it's just a meditation swatch ~ plain knitting with some of the handspun Ramboulliet. The needles are different sizes; makes for some interesting knitting. I don't care where that goes so long as I have the action of knitting to free my mind a little.

Bohdi isn't happy about the crate treatment, but there's too many men, whom she generally distrusts (except for Al who gives her a portion of his liverwurst sandwich at lunch) and it's too much commotion to worry about a dog taking a header.

The cat sleeps through everything.

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Ruth said...

What a lovely, long update that was!

And now, a week later?