Friday, October 27, 2006

The Latest Knits on Site

Nights at the Plantation are slowing down. I'm able to sit and knit while everyone is lost in Camp Lazlo or Spongebob. Through the Cartoon Network haze, I've finished Holly's Socks with the Trekking (XXL) Superwash wool/nylon blend. It was a simple lace project that's encouraging me to try out yet another more challenging pattern. I'm not much of a shawl person, so I have to hunt around for other interesting reasons to knit lace patterns ~ curtains, maybe. I'll be needing a few of those. I only have 72 windows of varying shapes and sizes.

Since I need another hat (Bennie has laid claim to one I knit years ago from my first handspun) I thought I'd take this simple lace pattern and adapt it to Lee Raven's simple hat instructions from Hands On Spinning. (Can anyone live without this book? Okay, if you don't spin maybe.) So I took the stitch from this:

And I've come up with this:

Here is the leftover from a pair of socks; fiber content, something and mohair. The socks wear like iron. I don't intend to turn the brim of this hat and since I have an even number of stitches, it will be easy to switch over to k2p2 for decreasing at the crown. This lace pattern works with 5 stitches; p2 and two varying yo's in the three knit stitches, all acheived in four rows. I will transcribe the pattern at a later date and if I've met with success.

Here's the site again to check out the sock pattern:

In the meantime, I haven't been anywhere in the vicinity of the Drawing Board. The inactivity nags and gnaws at me. I've got good excuses for not sketching, but I won't go into that. They're lousy excuses no matter how good and important they sound. I suppose it's just another Dry Spell ~ yet another of many that my Inner Bohemian Artist and I must traverse searching for an Artisitic Oasis in a deep Desert of Nothingness. (Add an 's' to that word and at least the journey would be tasty and filled with empty calories.) We'd just have to be aware of mirage in the vicinity; nothing more distressing than coming upon false inspiration.

Thought for the Day: Aim high, but hit low when necessary.

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