Monday, October 16, 2006

The Cat's Away

And I, as Mouse, will play. Well, I'm not doing much playing really. The house is all mine for a great portion of the day. If the dog let's me, I might be able to moodle at the sketch board. As it stands now, I can barely get a sentence in without her dropping a squeaky toy at my feet and insisting I toss it . . . again. We may need a walk. Then a nap.

In the meanwhile, back at some ranch in the desolate outskirts of town, I've been thinking over the finishing of the Fair Isle sweater which spelled certain doom from the beginning (I'd been lying to myself about the quantities of yarn I had ~ a sort of Stash Denial). I'm thinking I may have to modify the design to suit my stash. Give up on the green and go for a) another color or b) make solid fawn-colored alpaca sleeves.

These are the colors . . . I can still do the circle motif at the cuffs, but the rest might have to be cashed in and made solid. Wouldn't be a total loss; at least I'd have a wearable sweater as opposed to an unfinished projects. Unfinished projects make me homicidal at present.

Meanwhile, at yet another ranch, I'm on the second Holly sock. I like the simple lace pattern. I'm certain I'll enjoy wearing them. That's my bus stop knitting.

Well, Bohdi is right eager to get outside. Good for me too ~ get some fresh autumn air.

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