Friday, September 29, 2006

On Needles and Nip

Here is Obiwan in self-induced Nip-nosis sleeping with the beginnings of Holly's Socks on, dare I say, ye Olde Fashioned Double-Point Needles. I'm amazed I remember how to deal with these Medieval things. I did have an incident which had me frogging and starting over: the needles ALL slipped off in my knitting bag. It's very difficult and mind-blowing to try picking up stitches on a lace design ~ easier to start over. And as I am the Queen of Working With What One Has, I've taken rubberbands and fashioned them in such a way as to avoid future needle escapes. I'm sure there's products on the market specifically designed to keep one's dpn's in place, but those purchases will have to wait. Hmmm . . . maybe I could find some at the Sheep & Wool.

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