Friday, September 29, 2006

Blind Melon Chicken

This creature on my shoulder is Blind Melon Chicken. I'd suggested naming her Stomp, but the suggestion was ill-received. Mel here, was accidentally stepped on during a worm-foraging frenzy as Dirk was moving logs and rocks for easier access. While humans care damn little for worms (although, they too are amazing creatures), chickens go absolutely bananas over them. Mel got caught under foot. I was quite ready with the shovel for a quick burial, but Dirk insisted that she was still breathing and really ought to be given a chance. We spent a couple of days feeding her baby food from a spoon and making sure she got water and, of all things, Pedialyte. Within a few more days Mel was pecking at her own scratch, thus increasing her odds for a continued life span. As of last week, she's been out with the other pre-teen chicks. It's a little tough keeping up with them; they tend to ditch her, especially if she turns right and doesn't see them anymore. Mel tends to hang out with us featherless chickens though. We don't race off to the next feeding ground and tend to stay put; we're easier to locate. That's fine. What's important is that she can manage all the other chicken activities and that she'll enjoy a reasonably long life. Kudos to Dirk.

The So-called Studio

In the meantime, I've been tooling about in my make-shift studio. I'm hot glue-ing (Duck! It's become a verb!) beads and glass blobs to a deer skull. To my chagrin, the beads come off too easily ~ hot glue seems to work better on porous material. Gorilla Glue, while bonding better than some parent-child relationships, takes too long to set. Hot glue is my instant gratification.

On Needles and Nip

Here is Obiwan in self-induced Nip-nosis sleeping with the beginnings of Holly's Socks on, dare I say, ye Olde Fashioned Double-Point Needles. I'm amazed I remember how to deal with these Medieval things. I did have an incident which had me frogging and starting over: the needles ALL slipped off in my knitting bag. It's very difficult and mind-blowing to try picking up stitches on a lace design ~ easier to start over. And as I am the Queen of Working With What One Has, I've taken rubberbands and fashioned them in such a way as to avoid future needle escapes. I'm sure there's products on the market specifically designed to keep one's dpn's in place, but those purchases will have to wait. Hmmm . . . maybe I could find some at the Sheep & Wool.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Reigning Insane

I've done something mildly whacky, a little around the bend: I've gone ahead and set up a portion of my studio so that I could some playwork. I know I should be painting walls. I should be covering electrical outlets and screwing in switch plates, but somehow, this seemed more important. I found the art supplies and materials I need to resume my Tarot project. I found candles and incense to make Atmosphere. My Inner Bohemian Artist is happily painting her toe nails in a favorite chair and even Klaus the Kritic is, oddly enough, satisfied with the setting. At least he can criticize and berate in relative comfort.

I'll get back to Real Work tomorrow.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Works in Progress

Yes, it's been too long since I've been through this neck of the woods. I have a span of quiet uninterrupted time. Time when I'm not hearing saws and hammers and cement mixers ~ I can show off some of my stuff, which isn't much because the Big Project is, of course, the house. (Wait until you see the tile I picked for the bathrooms! And I mean, you'll have to wait because I want it installed first.)

Yesterday, I was on a knitting blue streak, didn't even plan dinner, finishing the front of the Fair Isle sweater I started sometime in spring. I now have the front and back finished.

Unfortunately, I'm running out of the blue-y/green Corriedale to finish the sleeves. I am at an impasse. I can either run to the local yarn shop and find something similar (I know it won't match exactly; my expectations are low in that area) ~ OR ~ I can wait until I get to the Sheep & Wool in Rhinebeck to purchase more roving in similar colors. The latter means time spinning it up, but it would be a mission: Corriedale for the sleeves. The former might be too much of a cop out.

As you can see from this photo, a blue-y/green is needed to match the rest of the sweater. I started this project with no expectations of perfection, so this is fine with me, but I'd like to have things match a little bit, despite the pattern snafus.

Also, it appears a fireplace is growing in the kitchen area. Here's the front with the fire box and a bit of the wood storage. Old brick is being used in efforts to add character and age; I think it's working.

And here's a painting on its way to a friend's house.