Friday, August 11, 2006

Construction Site Yoga

I decided that time spent waiting for a phone tech would be perfect opportunity to get some Down Dogs in. It's gotten to be an old adage with sporadic yoga practitioners that we tend not to practice when we absolutely need it. Usually, it's the fast-paced, insane, time-poor, stressed-out moments in life we need to slow down, tune in and breathe and we just don't do it. Other Things seem greater in importance than Peace of Mind.

I hadn't practiced asanas since the beginning of June. At first, my health was an issue, then the packing and moving. When and where? So I grabbed one of my grubbier mats and a fairly decent carpet, set myself up in the midst of Chaos and did yoga. The dog chased the cats while standing in Tree Pose ~ I was unmoved. In Lotus, I breathed in the sounds of birds, wind in the trees and the carnage of Halo. I let my energy reach out all directions lying in Savasana to touch All Things feeling peace and serenity in the Now.

I never saw the phone tech, but there's a dial tone. I completed the whole round before employees showed up on site. The catschickensrabbitshamster were all fed and happy. My Work was done for the day. Why I deny myself is a mystery. When I nourish those starving parts, it seems to feed other things. Or maybe I just feel content with things as they are.


impromptu-mom said...

Isn't funny that the things we need most to do or say are usually the last things that we think of? Even though we know that certain actions will lead to peace, we tend to exhaust (literaly, lol) other posibilities before seeing the light.

My biggest problem in this area is sleep. Every night I tell myself that I Am Tired and I Should Go To Bed and yet, I still find myself answering email and staring blankly at the computer when 1:00 AM rolls around. Then in the morning, when I am grumpy with my early-riser daughter and generally wishing that everyone would just Be Quiet, I vow that tonight I will listen to my body and Go To Sleep. But I never do, lol!

I'm so glad that you were able to find a moment's peace during , what I am sure is, a very hectic and stressful time for you. My best thoughts and wishes towards your progress!

Rose said...

Hey, Dawn, sometimes a 3 minute down-dawg (that's how we say it in Brooklyn) or a tree-minute (again, Brooklynese)tree pose is all ya can do. I sometimes believe that those can be the best poses, because you know you only have a few minutes to concentrate, so you really work at it.