Monday, August 14, 2006

The Imperial Yellow front hall. Posted by Picasa

The Cowslip Yellow kitchen corner. Cabinets to arrive soon. Posted by Picasa

Tom chose this Seagrass Green for the loft. Posted by Picasa

Ian chose this color. Posh Red. It's a rich color, but he likes it. So do I. Posted by Picasa

Bennie's bedroom. We have grand mural plans for the future; hence the sky blue. Posted by Picasa

The bedroom ceiling and Stillpoint Blue. Posted by Picasa

Bill's spindle in Arizona. Posted by Picasa

Here is Bill's spindle in New York. Posted by Picasa

Boyz building. Posted by Picasa

Bennie bobbing along. Posted by Picasa

Here the back of the talisman bag is enjoying an afternoon at the lake. The front was positively green with envy. Posted by Picasa

This is what was done by the end of my Brighid vigil sundown Sunday. I used every inch of that green wool. Posted by Picasa

Clearly, not much required summer reading is getting done today. Posted by Picasa

Bennie hanging loose at the Site. We're doing lot's of hair this summer. Posted by Picasa

Dirk's other love . . . I think. Posted by Picasa

Loose peeps. Yes, I have more chickens! Posted by Picasa

A very tired dog. Posted by Picasa

That 1000-Word Thing

Today, I'm letting the pictures speak for themselves. I'm just bushed from uploading them ~ need a nap and a toddy.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Construction Site Yoga

I decided that time spent waiting for a phone tech would be perfect opportunity to get some Down Dogs in. It's gotten to be an old adage with sporadic yoga practitioners that we tend not to practice when we absolutely need it. Usually, it's the fast-paced, insane, time-poor, stressed-out moments in life we need to slow down, tune in and breathe and we just don't do it. Other Things seem greater in importance than Peace of Mind.

I hadn't practiced asanas since the beginning of June. At first, my health was an issue, then the packing and moving. When and where? So I grabbed one of my grubbier mats and a fairly decent carpet, set myself up in the midst of Chaos and did yoga. The dog chased the cats while standing in Tree Pose ~ I was unmoved. In Lotus, I breathed in the sounds of birds, wind in the trees and the carnage of Halo. I let my energy reach out all directions lying in Savasana to touch All Things feeling peace and serenity in the Now.

I never saw the phone tech, but there's a dial tone. I completed the whole round before employees showed up on site. The catschickensrabbitshamster were all fed and happy. My Work was done for the day. Why I deny myself is a mystery. When I nourish those starving parts, it seems to feed other things. Or maybe I just feel content with things as they are.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

My Summer Fun

We're in desperately temporary housing: an extended-stay hotel, which is rather an oxymoron, but we'll deal with it. In the meantime, I just try to stay sane. The septic is dug awaiting inspections and corrections. Honestly, I thought digging trenches would be the equivalent of a diner scrambling eggs ~ you just can't get them wrong and it should be a safe order. An engineer has corrected that grossly inaccurate assumption. I'll stick with eggs.

Also doors are arriving at an alarmingly slow rate, but should be here by the weekend. That will be a nice change from various baracades placed at openings. But other things are chugging along: handmade, homemade trim and base made from the leftover Doug Fir planks are making their debut 'round windows. Walls are being painted in colors most everyone is enjoying. This is all good.

Not much knitting or painting or drawing has been going on. Too much craziness. My Inner Bohemian Artist is languishing ~ it is a condition I mean to remedy as soon as possible. Must find the sketch pad and pastels! Code Blue! Code Blue!

Great! Septic trenches! Posted by Picasa

the tank. Posted by Picasa