Wednesday, July 05, 2006

My First Vigil with Brighid

I recently joined an on-line Cill of women who keep the Flame for Brighid. I'd been eager for my shift since I received the schedule. Finally, sundown July 3 was my vigil. I clicked on T. Thorn Coyle's song Brighid and lit the candle. This was a big deal. I felt like I had an important overnight visitor. I settled in to do some knitting with Her while family did their thing. We were all in the living room together, but I felt like I had my own space at the table with my #8 Brittany Maple wood needles and the green Corriedale. I used the Vogue Stitchionary as a guide for some complicated cable knitting: p56, Celtic Variations. As I knit, I focused on the strange road to my own healing and then got to share that focus with others close to me, others who also need healing.

Sundown July 4 ended my time. Brighid's flame may have moved on to the next woman in line, but She is still with me as She is with anyone who needs Her strength and sensiblities.

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Ruth said...

You are simply . . .