Monday, July 24, 2006

Another Vigil

With as much intention as I could muster after scurrying around, I lit my flame at sundown last night for Brighid. Coming back to ground, I annointed myself with Healing Water sent to me from California and gazed at the Flame, taking in as much nourishing, soul-healing energy as I could get. My altar items are now packed, so the present altar in my room is spare and simple. It seems to be the energy She has summoned for me at this time: just kept it simple, Sweetpea. So that is what I do. I found a jewel-cut jelly jar to burn a votive; the Flame is safe. Again, I picked up the talisman bag started 20 days ago, pick up 34 stitches along each side of the cable knitting and knit Garter stitch. It took all of an hour or so to knit each side. Now I have the front of the bag done. Later, when the dust has settled (if that's at all possible given present circumstances) I will knit the back in simple Garter stitch again.

I hope to be moved before my next vigil with the house in order. I also hope I can find my fabric scraps to sew the liner for the knit bag ~ oh, and the sewing machine, if that’s not too much trouble.

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