Monday, July 24, 2006

The Flame first lit at sundown. Posted by Picasa

Today's continued vigil with fresh hydrangea found on my village wanderings. Posted by Picasa

The finished front of the talisman bag and the latest SageWoman ~ choices, choices! Posted by Picasa

Another Vigil

With as much intention as I could muster after scurrying around, I lit my flame at sundown last night for Brighid. Coming back to ground, I annointed myself with Healing Water sent to me from California and gazed at the Flame, taking in as much nourishing, soul-healing energy as I could get. My altar items are now packed, so the present altar in my room is spare and simple. It seems to be the energy She has summoned for me at this time: just kept it simple, Sweetpea. So that is what I do. I found a jewel-cut jelly jar to burn a votive; the Flame is safe. Again, I picked up the talisman bag started 20 days ago, pick up 34 stitches along each side of the cable knitting and knit Garter stitch. It took all of an hour or so to knit each side. Now I have the front of the bag done. Later, when the dust has settled (if that's at all possible given present circumstances) I will knit the back in simple Garter stitch again.

I hope to be moved before my next vigil with the house in order. I also hope I can find my fabric scraps to sew the liner for the knit bag ~ oh, and the sewing machine, if that’s not too much trouble.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

My First Vigil with Brighid

I recently joined an on-line Cill of women who keep the Flame for Brighid. I'd been eager for my shift since I received the schedule. Finally, sundown July 3 was my vigil. I clicked on T. Thorn Coyle's song Brighid and lit the candle. This was a big deal. I felt like I had an important overnight visitor. I settled in to do some knitting with Her while family did their thing. We were all in the living room together, but I felt like I had my own space at the table with my #8 Brittany Maple wood needles and the green Corriedale. I used the Vogue Stitchionary as a guide for some complicated cable knitting: p56, Celtic Variations. As I knit, I focused on the strange road to my own healing and then got to share that focus with others close to me, others who also need healing.

Sundown July 4 ended my time. Brighid's flame may have moved on to the next woman in line, but She is still with me as She is with anyone who needs Her strength and sensiblities.

My little Kitchen altar with Brighid's flame lit sundown July 3. From Nancy Blair's Amulets of the Goddess, the Triple Spiral is Brighid's symbol. Posted by Picasa

A bitty-bit of that Ramboulliet being spun on my Mother spindle. (Untouched during the vigil though.) Posted by Picasa

The intense cable knitting for the Brighid talisman bag at 8:36pm EDT. It matches the photo in the book ~ not too shabby. Posted by Picasa

Two perfectly good reasons why I can't get anything done at the dining room table. Darth Vader and Obiwan. Posted by Picasa

Monday, July 03, 2006

Getting the Hang of Things

The summer vacation has truly begun: arguements over game time (even Bennie has joined in this which is a new twist this year), the clamouring for endless playdates and sleepovers, the bottomless stomach eating activities, the incessant whining about boredom. It's hardly any wonder why other parents send their kids to camp and I just lock myself in the bedroom at around 3:00pm. At least it's better than doing the required summer reading for school. I'll do something different this year and save that for the last minute scramble.

In the meantime, I'm getting through the Fair Isle with the help of some friends. Obiwan spends his time on my lap as I knit figuring I won't be going anywhere anytime soon. Although he does get annoyed with the tickling of the circular needles. And Bohdi, my fiber dog, thought she'd help by removing a ball of the alpaca/mohair blend, attached to said knitting, from the dining room table and completely unravelling it. I spent the better part of an hour unknotting and rewinding the yarn so I could finish the swirl (future photo to come ~ it's so great I can say that now). It's stupid: I still love the dog.

As Dirk is working in Columbia County again, I've begged him to pick up a skein of yarn from the farm where he'd gotten the Ramboulliet fleece. He told me they were about $5 a skein ~ so cheap! Dangerously cheap. Certainly worth checking out.

I think I need to pack just a little so I have some minor feeling of accomplishment.

The rib to the front of this neat Fair Isle sweater. Of course, my colors are going to be different since I'm gleaning from the hand-spun stash. No, I didn't swatch! Posted by Picasa

Obiwan and the Evil Glare before sauntering across the table (my cats never touch the floor) to cozy up on my lap while I knit. He is such a help. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, July 01, 2006

An Annoying New Way to Post

Okay. Well. I've finally gotten the photos posted, but not the way I'd prefer them. Some silly little Hello program made it possible, but in a weird way.

Anyway, it's done. Here's some bit of photography. Enjoy.

I'm going to have another lie down.

Bohdi the Dog Posted by Picasa

The Kool-Aid Pouch and Waiting Room Socks. Posted by Picasa

The back of the Fair Isle. Posted by Picasa

Tom at 13. Posted by Picasa