Saturday, June 10, 2006

Updates on Particulars

Well, where to begin . . . I'm able to use both my eyes as of yesterday. An accident occurred June 1 while I was waiting for stairs to be delivered. I realized I was running late for something else and rushed to lock a construction site door and hold an 8-month-old puppy at the same time. I got yanked off the stairs and broke a few bones around my left eye and nose. I've been rebuilt and my nose will heal with no further manipulation. I refuse to blame the pup. It was just bad multitasking on my part. I will heal.

I lost my Magic Loop book in the E.R. melee. Penelope from Knittingsmith kindly lent me hers so that I could finish the sock I'm working on until the next shipment comes in. I can't very well work Fair Isle waiting in Waiting Rooms ~ it just requires too much attention and horizontal surfaces.

Having the use of both eyes and no double vision, I've just zoomed through the latest Spin Off where I saw the loveliest Estonian knit sheep puppets. I think I could do one or two of them. Getting the latest Spin Off always re-inspires me to spin. I've still got some green Corriedale hanging out on the Millie. I could easily finish spinning and plying it in two days. I've also got some llama waiting on the top whorl (my other Waiting Room project). These could easily be used for the sheep project (hey, so what if the sheep is green). Being in the energetic Prednisone Rush, spinning and knitting (NOT dishes and laundry) should easily keep me busy until I pass out from the post-drug exhaustion. I just can't lie about anymore. (Did I just say that?) Fiber arts will have to do.

And Dirk, bless his little fuzzy heart, stopped at a farm in Columbia County a couple of weeks ago and got me a whole stinking fleece of some sheep he can't remember the name of. He and his employee just happened to be driving around during their lunch time near a job he was working and caught sight of some shearing going on. He stopped in and found this small farm that sold prepared, dyed rovings for $5.00 each and the fleece for $10.00. Being rather excited for me, he bought the fleece. I fear I may have warped him for life: first antiques, now fiber. I'm eager to skirt the fleece and see what I'm working with, but I need a still day and a busy dog so that I could spread the lot on the ground without the dog herding the fleece and rolling in it. Every once in awhile, I will open the bag just to breathe in the fumes. That will have to suffice until I can scour and spin it.

That's the news for now.

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I hope that you are healing well. Hang in there. The end of recovery is always the hardest part!