Monday, May 01, 2006

May Day

Hey. Just stopping in on one of those pagan holidays to see what's going on. I've made future arrangements to hang out at someone's house, use their camera, take pictures of my recent stuff, and then post it all. Grace has a better camera than I do anyway ~ and I'm not just referring to the fact that it works. It's better.

I've begun a Fair Isle project found in Knits Winter 2004 magazine ~ the Colorwork Classic by Kristin Nicholas. There were a lot of substitutions as I am using my hand-spun in most parts of the design. The alpaca and alpaca/mohair I plied last summer, some blue-green Corriedale also spun last summer, and a few bits of lovelies purchased from the Sheep & Wool last fall are all being used to make this sweater. It's another meditation of sorts to, row by row, watch a design unfold as one knits Fair Isle. And while I'm using another's design, my is getting mighty unique using my own stuff. The process, as always, is soothing a weary mind.

In the meantime, I've been packing anti-necessities in preparation for the Big Exodus out of the rental and, hopefully, into a reasonably habitable shelter. Impending moves always make me feel disconnected, uprooted. And funny things begin to happen in the house we're getting ready to move out of ~ furnace issues, hot water heater leakages, electrical units disappearing into walls. It seems as eager to have us leave as we are. We're all ready . . . the Universe needs to deliver now.

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Ruth said...

Load up the Conastoga and head for the hills of Cold Spring!

I wish I could see how the house is coming along. All I can do is picture it in my mind's eye (which is as nearsighted as I am).

May Brownies descend upon you and fill boxes with something other than cookies.