Saturday, April 01, 2006

Canadian Bologna

Not to be confused in any way with Canadian Bacon. Yes, they are both round once sliced, but that, my fine American friend, is where the similarity ends. Canadina Bologna is not tasty with Eggs Benedict, but it does have its uses. For instance, a healthy slab 'twixt homemade Prince Edward Island bread with brown (NOT yellow ~ that's for wimps) mustard makes a mighty fine meal. Thanks to a friend who'd recently gone to visit family (under tragic circumstances), I've been enjoying this sodium-laden, beef lip delight morning, noon and night. It is extreme Comfort Food. I do rather hope I run out of it soon; before my thighs become as One. (Besides, that activity is reserved for the Hips 'n' A$$ ice cream.) I also received a jar of something I've never heard of ~ freezer jam. Usually, those two words strung together means I have far too many frozen items in the upper regions of my refrigerator, most of which is unidentifiable. There may even be a frozen caveman in there. The kids have been a bit edgey each time I've gone near the freezer, come to think of it. Anyway, freezer jam is fruit that's not been canned in boiling water. Instead, it's loaded up in a jar and then, well, frozen. I haven't tried that yet. I think it would be yummy on fresh-baked biscuits. I'm waiting for the bologna to evaporate first.

In the meantime, I've broken a personal record of spinning and plying a whole bunch of wool in one day. Thanks to the fine spring weather, I've been able to sit outside with the Millie and spin. Skittles and Smudge had alternate turns using the make-shift rabbit run. Mabel the Hen was scratching for bugs and grubs in the front yard. The boys were shooting cap guns at passing vehicles while Bennie was trying to get Obiwan the Persnickity Orange Cat out of her Barbie tent. Just an idyllic day of sorts. And so I was able to spin.

This was the mohair/wool roving:

And it is now this:

It is still my plan to turn this into a sweater with the company of the 100% alpaca. Maybe this blend could make the yoke of the sweater.

In the meantime (again), I have one winter sock done and the other is on the needles all waiting for the Kid's Choice Awards on Nickelodeon and an All Girl Sleepover (blog fodder, for sure). I do know how to have fun.

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Ruth said...

It sounds like you had a far more enjoyable day than I did. For some reason, today I was inspired to start cleaning out the garage.

Of course, there are two loaves of sourdough finishing their last rise . . . so it wasn't a total waste. Haven't ventured into tarot land yet. Will have to see how the neck holds up.