Saturday, March 25, 2006

Keeping Face with a Photoless Blog

This is what I’ve been reduced to: computer-drawn images to vaguely illustrate those knitted items I’ve done recently. (Many thanks to Ruth and Evan for the pics of the socks. Without you, I’d be nothing that week. Now I can return to being slightly more than nothing with a mild limp.) I knitted Belated Birthday gifts for my niece and nephew in Arizona. Fiona received a variation of the Dammit Doll as found here As you can see from the illustration, I changed the doll into a skirted cat. I followed the directions as per the link and then added I-cords to make the tail and arms, which were then knotted. Sensing that this doll might be seeing some teething action, I used funky-colored Sugar 'n' Cream cotton. This creature has been named Sally Knottentail as an Imaginary Friend (which we can all admit we still have now). I’ve heard she’s being enjoyed. I sent nephew Liam 6 finger puppets (too numerous to illustrate ~ sorry). These were knitted using that double knitting technique with different knitted bits added to create: 2 cats, 1 pig, 1 lizard, 1 mouse and a green fuzzy bunny. These are also being enjoyed. The Radiation Green bunny was my favorite. I wonder what Liam's favorite is . . .

And then I took that Kool-Aid dyed Wensleydale from the “Live and Let Dye” night at Knittingsmith and made this:

Clearly, it’s another one of those knitted pockets I like to make with small amounts of yarn. I used #4 circular knitting needles. With a knitted cast-on I created an even number of stitches (the number of which eludes me now) and created the pocket with the same double knitting used for the finger puppets which was something along the lines of:

Row 1: *k1, w/ yarn in front, slip st purlwise* repeat until row is done
Row 2: *k1, w/ yarn in front, slip st purlwise* repeat until row is done
Repeat rows 1 and 2 until desired length. This action should automatically make a pocket (thus saving the odious task of whip-stitching). (Would there be such a thing as pussy-whipped stitching? And would it involve cats who not only lack the ability to sew, but also thumbs? Sorry, went somewhere else there for a minute.) The only sewing I have to do is for the liner which will keep the bag from losing its shape. It would be a shame to lose those clean, crisp lines as shown.

To keep myself well-oiled knit-wise, I’ve started another pair of Magic Loop socks out of some handspun from February. This is a gray, magenta, turquoise mohair/wool blend purchased last fall at the Sheep and Wool. It’ll keep me off the streets.

Otherwise, I’m busy sketching and painting. This doesn’t keep me off the streets.

And then there's all that unspun fiber in the closet . . . Hmmm.

I’m having a Southern Culture on the Skids kind of week; sort of squishy and soft, directionless and floaty with a complete inability to make concrete decisions. Actually, I could probably make some great decisions about concrete; it’s the other issues in life that are eluding me at this time.

Tip for the Day: When feeling somewhat Southern Culture on the Skids, knit socks. If you don’t know how to knit socks; learn. It could save your life, if not your social calendar.

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Ruth said...

No offense, Dear One, but I'm glad you're painting the cards and not PhotoShopping them. :)

You're still much better than I am at anything involving color. No, I'm damned good at being GREEN with envy!

Yours in Skidsville . . .